Clarence M. Davis _ CLN CEO "Power your English presentation with the use of amazing voice."

On January 23rd, the first BFAevent.en was held in Kafnu, Taipei. Clarence, CEO of CLN, presented as the Pro Speaker, who pointed out the importance of pronunciation and intonation in English presentations. Good pronunciation helps convey correct messages, while a pleasing voice helps speakers engage their audience and attract attention.

1 月 23 日,首場簡報小聚英文版舉辦於 Kafnu 台北旗艦館,「CLN 執行長 Clarence」受邀擔任 Pro Speaker,分享英文發音及語調對英文簡報的重要性。發音正確才能正確傳達資訊、聲音豐富才能引人入勝吸引全場專注聆聽你的簡報。



Clarence opened with the three elements to a successful English presentation, namely “presentation structure,” “visual design,” and “message delivery.” Efficient delivery of messages involves pronunciation and voice use. With examples, Clarence shared tips on making a good English presentation.

一開場 Clarence 先是說明英文簡報應具備的三大要素,「結構企劃」、「視覺呈現」及「訊息傳遞」,而其中「訊息傳遞」的概念包含「發音」及「聲音」,Clarence 便是以此兩個要素為主軸,分享如何呈現好的英文簡報。



Using a short video featuring an Italian speaking English, Clarence demonstrated how to roll your tongue and close lips, which are keys to correct pronunciation. A professional speaker should avoid mispronunciation that could send out confusing messages. Clarence further explained that an accent should not be the reason that people refrain from speaking foreign languages, just as it’s hard to find a foreigner speaking Mandarin flawlessly. In other words, whether with an accent or not, good pronunciation is always a priority to good message delivery.


活動中 Clarence 引用義大利人說英文的小短片,說明發音的重要性。舌頭是否卷舌、嘴唇是否閉合等,無一不是發音該注意的細節。一場專業的英文簡報,更應要避免因為發音不正確而傳遞出錯誤的訊息。Clarence 接著跟各位分享,別因為口音而沒有自信,如同我們不會糾正外國人需要字正腔圓。所以有口音沒關係,但發音絕對要避免產生誤會。



With the demonstration from the voice master, Meryl Streep, Clarence explained that a person’s voice can convey different traits according to occasions and atmosphere. For instance, your tone can be sexy, diligent, or even high and mighty. Using different voices brings out various impressions about a person, and it helps attract the audience’s attention in presentations. Another example was from the famous talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres, who showed that visual aids could be more than just slides. Using props occasionally, Ellen could get her messages across and engage her audience even better.


藉由聲音大師 (voice master) 梅莉史翠普的示範,Clarence 向現場各位說明聲音可以是性感的、勤奮的或是不可一世的,運用聲音因應不同場合、氣氛,將自己在簡報或是演說時的氣場帶出來,更能夠達到吸引觀眾目光的目的。而接下來脫口秀大師 Ellen 的示範,更讓我們體認到,一場好的簡報並不侷限於投影片,就像 Ellen 運用不同的道具,更能夠清楚地傳達資訊、引發觀眾的共鳴。



Through the videos of both native and non-native speakers of English, Clarence identified the importance of pronunciation and the use of voice in English presentations. Correct pronunciation helps get messages across without mistakes, while a voice that fits the occasions can strike a chord with the audience. Through Clarence’s demonstration, the audience learned a lesson -- “If you can use your voice well, you can actually make a difference!”

Clarence 藉由母語人士與非母語人士的影片,清楚說明英文簡報中發音與聲音的重要性:發音正確,資訊傳遞才能無誤;聲音符合情境,才能引起觀眾的共鳴。藉由 Clarence 的簡報,觀眾體會了發音和音調的重要性,“If you can use your voice well, you can actually make a difference!”。


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BFAevent.en #2 2019 年 03 月聚會

03 月 28 日|台灣首個簡報溝通主題社群

BFAevent.en 簡報小聚英文版是 BFA 簡報旗下專注於國際溝通的職場人社群,致力於為職場人士提供「國際溝通」學習與分享平台,喚醒每個人的職場影響力。

承襲 BFA 簡報小聚交流互動與分享的精神,每次聚會由「主題分享」與「自由交流」兩個環節組成。「主題分享」將由三位講者(Before, After, Pro Speaker)依次帶來12分鐘的英文簡報溝通故事、經驗或技巧分享。

而在下個月的聚會,Before Speaker 將在與簡報顧問與英文顧問一對一交流後再次登台,成為 After Speaker。我們希望透過簡報小聚英文版定期線下聚會,並融入英文的國際元素,讓每一位參與的夥伴們看到英文溝通能力的提升,開啟更加多元的國際溝通體驗。


As a branch of BFA, BFAevent.en aims at building a learning and sharing platform in a global setting for professionals to lead influential communication in the workplace.  

Inheriting the spirit of BFA in interacting and sharing, each gathering consists of two parts, “Panel Sharing” and “Idea Exchange.” “Panel Sharing” is a 12-minute English presentation where three speakers (Before, After, Pro Speaker) share their stories and tips on presentation skills.  

In the following gathering, the Before Speaker will go on stage again as an After Speaker after a one-on-one consultation with experienced speakers and English consultants. Through these gatherings and English materials in a global setting used in the discussion, participants can see their improvement in English communication skills and embrace diverse experiences in global communication.

Friends and enthusiasts from all fields are welcome. Enjoy the evening by getting involved and exchanging ideas with professionals from all walks.