Passion_Shopee Brand Marketing - Media Consultant "Push yourself a little harder each and every time. The sky is the limit!"

The After Speaker at the 4th anniversary BFAevent, Passion, like the Before Speaker, shared her lessons learned from personal and professional life. What’s intriguing was the many hats she wears in seemingly different fields.

簡報小聚肆週年慶的 After Speaker Passion,分享她從人生與職場中的得到的經驗,以及她在不同領域中的角色扮演。


With three pictures showing her exercising, posing for a picture, and her in professional outfit, Passion asked the audience to guess if she is an athlete, Instagram celebrity, or a media consultant. A trick question it was, as she is actually all of them. As she surprised the crowd as an overachiever, she then moved on to focus on how sports have changed her life.

透過三張照片,運動照、模特兒造型以及專業照,Passion 詢問觀眾她是運動員、網紅還是媒體顧問。其實這是個陷阱題,Passion 同時勝任了三個角色!就在台下觀眾訝於她的成就時,Passion 將主題轉向運動如何改變她的生命。

Push yourself!

Passion confessed that she wasn’t a confident person and couldn’t speak up because she was afraid to be judged. Case in point was her experience hitting the gym for the first time. She felt lost, not knowing what to do and where to go. Yet, she didn’t just quit. As she kept on pushing herself, sports have since changed her life, as it’s not just looking better in photos, but about self-control and self-confidence.


Passion 承認自己過去並非一個自信的人,因為太害怕被人評斷,所以無法在眾人前暢所欲言。她想起第一次上健身房時感到手足無措的經驗,但她並未放棄,就在持續勉強自己的過程中,運動也就此改變她的人生。Passion 認為運動不只是讓人拍照更好看,也象徵個人的自信與自律。

As she was working as a marketing specialist at Ferrari, she was swamped with work and as a result looking for her lost curiosity for the world. As she became used to training and doing different sports at the gym, she began to build new habits and was able to fight her old laziness. Realization: training is not just for the body; it’s also for the mind.

當 Passion 在法拉利擔任行銷專員時,她的生活完全被工作淹沒,也逐漸喪失對世界的好奇心。當她開始在健身房中接觸各種不同的運動,建立了新的運動習慣,懶惰的陋習就此改善,原來運動不只鍛鍊身體,也強健了心靈。

 “You got this.”

Passion used to think she’d never finish a triathlon; now you can totally call her an athlete slash EMBA student. As she almost gave up when she was swimming in the triathlon race, she kept telling herself: “you got this.” Every time, she pushes herself a little more. Every time, it is a personal breakthrough. Little by little, she breaks out of her comfort zone.


看見現在的 Passion,會欽佩她同具備管理碩士生與運動健將的斜槓人生。但他也曾一度懷疑自己無法完成鐵人三項競賽。在某次的比賽中,就在她游泳到幾近放棄時,Passion 一直告訴自己,妳可以的!每次勉強自己一些,每次就突破一些,當著些微小的突破累積起來,不知不覺就跨出了舒適圈。

“It’s actually not as scary as it seems!”

With her built confidence, she even overcame her acrophobia (phobia of heights.) As she climbed a mountain in Hawaii, her heart was racing. Again, she pushed herself, and she did it. Looking back, “it’s actually not as scary as it seems,” she said. Indeed, she’s now a confident lady, and her strong message is building the minds of many.


隨著自信逐步建立,Passion 甚至克服了長久以來的懼高症,當她在夏威夷登山的時候,即使心跳狂飆,卻還是逼迫自己向前,最後順利攻頂。「回頭看就會發現,其實也沒那麼看起來那麼可怕。」現在的 Passion 是一個自信的人,而她的分享也激勵著眾多的心。


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